Ghost In The Shell

This movie doesn’t live up to expectations and only gets 2.5 Icees out of 5. It’s an interesting movie and so that’s how it gets 2.5 Icees. Otherwise, it would fall flat and not get much at all. That’s not even figuring in the whitewashing effect. First off, this movie is not an action movie, although there are action sequences.  I hate it when the trailers portray a movie as one thing and then you find out it is something totally different when you get to the theater. They lose points or that alone!

Early in a movie, you expect some slow sequences as the characters and plot is being developed.  However, there are just too many of them throughout this movie. There only so many things that ScarJo could cover up and the bad directing wasn’t one of them.  First, the character she plays has a traditional Japanese haircut but is cream white. Why?  If the idea was to make her look American by making her white, why not give her blonde or red hair? Or long black hair?  There actually is “a reason” given towards the end of the movie, but it just doesn’t add up.  Also, (slight spoiler) for a person with a robotic body her movements were not consistent. At times, she walked like a robot, but when it came to fight scenes she had the fluid movement of a human.  Make up your mind Mr. Director

Also, instead of fighting the crime that is the plot of the movie, they should instead figure out the mystery of what happened to all the Japanese people in Tokyo!  For a movie set in futuristic Japan, taking full advantage of the setting, why not have more Japanese actors in it?  Even as extras!  C’mon…. really?  The man Japanese character is one that understood English perfectly but only spoke in Japanese (with subtitles) that everyone else could understand.  Do bilingual people really converse in both languages where one person speaks one language and the other speaks the other language when they talk to each other?  I normally think the whole “whitewashing” argument is without merit but in this case it totally fits!  In their defense, perhaps they were going for a multi-natiional cast, with someone from China, Denmark, America and… oh yeah… Japan, but for a movie set in future-Japan there just wasn’t enough proper representation.

The plot did have some redeaming qualities.  There was an interesting concept and the story flowed (although slowly at times) pretty well.  It was somewhat predictable but it was enjoyable at times to watch, and ScarJo looked as good as ever in a body suit (which was also enjoyable to watch), but overall I think this movie was not nearly as good as it could have been and I would recommend waiting until this comes out at Redbox or Vudu and renting it then.

No scene after the credits.

Ghost In The Shell Trailer #1

A few days ago I shared the teaser-trailer for this movie. Now we have the first full trailer for it. Scarlett does seem to like skin tight onesies.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining… just making an observation. I am not familiar with the comic book series this movie came from, but hopefully this movie is as good as this trailer makes it out to be! This comes out March 31st.


Ghost In The Shell Teaser Trailer

This teaser-trailer is either very cool or very annoying, depending on your point of view.  One thing is for sure, after you watch it you will know what the name of the movie is!  It stars Scarlett Johansson and just reaffirms that Marvel should do a Black Widow solo movie because ScarJo can handle it!  I can’t really tell you what this movie is about, and once you see this teaser-trailer you’ll know what I mean. The movie comes out on Mar 31st and I’m pretty sure there will be more trailers before then. Let’s hope they give us a better idea of what it’s about!


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