Office Christmas Party

This movie is a semi-funny movie that 2 Icees (out of 5) is all I could give.  There were some moments in this movie that I chuckled and maybe once laughed out loud.  Otherwise, it was just ok.  To its credit, it’s not as stupid-funny as I had anticipated it being, but it wasn’t really funny either, if you know what I mean.

This film definitely earns its R rating. That is true for the language, brief nudity, sexual content, drug use, etc, etc, etc.  Jason and Jennifer seem to end up in these movies a lot, and seem to get type cast a lot. Jason as the nice guy in a tough situation and Jennifer as the witch (family friend review here).  Olivia Munn was ok as well.  Nobody, to include T.J. Miller did a great job. There really wasn’t much imagination to the plot or the story itself, but there were a few funny moment.

Basically, I wouldn’t recommend this movie at all. It’s still not as bad as Hail Caesar, but then again, I don’t know if anything could be.  There are some out-takes during the credits but nothing afterwards.

Later today, I will be reviewing Miss Sloane, and hopefully it will be better!

Office Christmas Party Trailer #2

Seems like Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman are always doing comedy movies.  I guess that’s fine.  They seem to be suited for it.  This is the second trailer for a movie that just looks fun.  For me, the rating will help determine if I see this or not.  If it ends up Rated R, then count me out. I’m not for Hangover-type movies.  If however it gets a PG-13 rating, then I might catch it. It comes out on December 9th, which is a weekend that doesn’t seem to have much coming out, so there’s a chance.  Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.


Office Christmas Party Trailer

This movie looks stupid funny, but funny nonetheless.  Normally I don’t go for these types of movies but there’s something about this one that makes me actually want to go see it.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  It comes out on December 9th.


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