Power Rangers Trailer

This new trailer shows more of the action that will be involved with this movie.  It looks like a sure-fire hit and I am hoping it is!  What do you think?


Power Rangers Trailer

This trailer contains some of the same scenes that were in the teaser-trailer, but a few more.  I’ll be honest, the more I see these trailers the more interested I am in this movie.  It looks like they really did a good job of setting things up.  Now I don’t now if it will have much action in it or not, but if they did it well, they could have set up quite a franchise, especially considering how popular Power Rangers have been, for many years.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  It comes out on March 24th.


Power Rangers Teaser Trailer

Okay, add this movie to one that I will have to see, and one that is guaranteed to draw a huge crowd (at least on opening night). Why do I say this?  Well, primarily because in the first 18 days on YouTube this trailer already has over 19 million (yes, million) views.  Is that because of the original series?  The various reboots?  I don’t know, but it actually does look pretty good. It comes out on March 24th and you can be sure that a review of it will be on this site!  After all, it is science fiction, looks fun, based on a kids show and looks like it could have some good special effects. In other words, it has The Don written all over it!  Check it out and let me know if you will be with me.


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