Rules Don’t Apply Final Trailer

I seem to remember (and I’m too lazy to look) that I wasn’t too kind in my narrative when I posted the first trailer for this movie.  Well, don’t expect me to be any kinder this time around. It just doesn’t look good.  If it is a comedy, it doesn’t look funny.  If it is supposed to be something else, well… I can’t figure out what. It looks bad… just… bad… but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so I am sharing the final trailer in case you find it beautiful.  If so, please let me know why! It comes out Nov 23rd.


Rules Don’t Apply Trailer

This movie has a star-studded cast and will probably be critically acclaimed.  That reminds me of Hail Caesar!, which I thought was an incredibly bad movie. I could be wrong about this one, but my gut says to stay away.  It just looks sooooo boring.  However, in the interest of serving my fans (however many of you there may be), please see the trailer below for Rules Don’t Apply, coming out November 23rd.


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