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It seems like every time I go to the movies (and that’s a lot) there is a new trailer for the movie, Sing.  I could be wrong, but it really seems like it.  This is titled, “Sing Trailer #3” but I’ve checked and I’ve already posted 3 trailers for this movie so somehow it is number 4 but only numbered as 3.  Maybe one of them was a Comic-Con trailer or something?  I don’t know, but what is sure to be the children’s movie of the holiday season opens up on December 21st, which is the same weekend as Passengers and Assassin’s Creed. I guess there will be something for everyone!


Sing Trailer #3

Really??  A third trailer?  And again… it doesn’t appear that different than the other two, but I promise you that this is being touted as the third trailer for this movie.  This is why I waited longer before I put it up here… so that maybe I will catch people that didn’t see the first two I posted.  It opens Dec 21st.


Sing Trailer #2

As promised when I published Sing’s first trailer, here… just a few days later… is the second one. Now to be honest, it looks a lot like the first one, but I said I’d publish them all and I try to live up to my word, so here it is.  It comes out Dec 21st.


Sing Trailer

Okay, I admit I have been behind in posting trailers for what will obviously be a hit kids movie around Christmas time.  I’m sorry… I mean, I really am!  There’s been so many great trailers to post I thought I had time. Now I realize that ther’s three trailers out so I have got to get moving on it! So here’s the first trailer, and in the next few days I will sprinkle in the second and third trailer that have come out for this movie.  It is Sing, and it comes out on December 21st, just in time for Christmas. Now, that means it will be battling the second week of Rogue One, and come out the same week as Assassin’s Creed, but neither of those movies is really targeted for kids.  In fact, looking at the movies coming out in December, this pretty much stands on its own, which is probably a good thing.  Since I am a kid at heart, I can see myself going and seeing this one!


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